Goetz, Karen Principal of Kengard Learning Centre (SCIDES and CLC)


French, Robert Secondary Math, Academic Counsellor - Adults

Graham, Susan CLC Continuing Education & Alternative Education

Gunn, Kathleen Support Services Teacher

Simonin, Michelle  Grades K - 3, and Program Advisor

Kzanoski, Nick  French 10 -12

Moore, Liz Secondary English

Poole, Megan Science 10, some Math, Foods, International Languages, Photography

Pryzner-Dunn, Amanda Gr 8 - 9

Southwell, Cathy Senior Sciences

Stuttard, Sheldon Grades 4-7

Tilt, Gareth TIC, CLC Continuing Education & Alternative Education

Wheeler, Joan Academic Counsellor - Grades 8 - 12

Willey, Russ Social Studies, Career Life Education, Forensics

Clerical and Support Staff

Bain, Joyce Clerical: Moodle support, payroll, purchasing

Barquest, Cari  Youth Worker

Lawrence, Christine  Clerical: Shipping, registration for elementary program, grades entry

Jager, Keith First Nations Support Worker (SCIDES & CLC)

Latremouille, Janet Education Assistant, Clerical

LeBeau, Ashleigh Registrar, Deposits, Reception, Transcripts

Morrison, Nicole Registrar, Deposits, Reception


Bergmann, Kandace English, Languages
Delaney, Kar Socials, Law, PE
Ferris, Vida Art
Goetz, Adam Biology 12
Oram, Tom Chemistry, Biology 11 
Piroddi, Pina Math