SCIDES and School District No. 58 is committed to ensuring students engage in a journey of career awareness, exploration and preparation to graduate with clear career, education and employment skills.

Career programs are designed to help students explore careers while still in secondary school.  In these programs students will develop skills, knowledge and strong work ethics through the combination of classroom learning and work experiences.

We offer four programs at SCIDES:

  1. YOUTH TRAIN IN TRADES PROGRAM (formally named Accelerated Credit Enrolment in Industry Training or ACE IT)
  2. YOUTH WORK IN TRADES PROGRAM (formally Secondary School Apprenticeship or SSA)
  3. Work Experience, WEx
  4. Post Secondary Transition Programs

Please see below to read more on what each of these programs has to offer. At any time, please contact us to see how you can get started and begin your career exploration journey!


*formerly named ACE IT


Attend a trades training class at a local high school, a partner post-secondary institution or an ITA-certified training facility. You’ll learn from skilled instructors and earn credits that count towards your high school diploma and Level 1 of your technical trades training. Youth Train in Trades and Youth Work in Trades programs can be taken in any order and there are no prerequisites.


  • You’re in grade 11–12
  • You found a trade that you like and want to learn more


  • YOUTH TRAIN IN TRADES introduces high school students to selected trades training programs in British Columbia.
  • Students enrolled in a YOUTH TRAIN IN TRADES programs receive their post-secondary trades technical training tuition-free.
  • Depending on their program choice, YOUTH TRAIN IN TRADES Students can earn up to 16 high school credits and post-secondary institute credits. Upon successful completion of a YOUTH TRAIN IN TRADES program, students receive Level I technical training credit from the Industry Training Authority (ITA).
  • Go to the ITA website for more information:
  • If you feel this is a perfect fit for you, or if you want to continue to explore this option with SCIDEs and SD58, please down load and fill out this document. Then called SCIDES ASAP to review.




Get ahead on the work-based training of a trade apprenticeship while you’re still in high school. Not only will you take home a pay cheque, you’ll earn up to 16 credits towards your high school diploma, log 480 training hours toward your trade credential and maybe even earn a $1,000 award. Youth Train in Trades and Youth Work in Trades programs can be taken in any order and there are no prerequisites. Learn more about the Youth Train in Trades award here.


  • You’re in grade 10-12
  • You want to get on-the-job training in your trade


  • Earn money while learning skills valued by employers
  • Get a head start in your career - a YOUTH WORK IN TRADES student can be a "journeyperson" by the time they are 21.
  • Earn 16 credits towards graduation (4 courses worth 4 credits each)
  • Be eligible to receive a $1,000.00 scholarship.
  • Get $1,000.00 tax credit after completion of your Level 1

Here is a link to more information: Industry Training Authority (ITA)

3. Work Experience

Earn While You Learn!

The SCIDES Apprenticeship and Work Experience Programs include students and schools from throughout British Columbia.

The SCIDES Work Experience program offers students a unique opportunity to work in local businesses and industry as part of their school day and course work. Work Experience is a supervised and monitored program that includes a combination of paid or unpaid work along with some course work and assignments.

Some of the benefits that the work experience program offers include the following:

  • Developing skills and knowledge of an occupation
  • Helping to determine future career choices
  • Creating local contacts and references
  • Creating future employment opportunities
  • Gaining job experience and portfolio additions
  • Increasing safety awareness (WorkSafe)
  • Connecting the classroom with the world of work
  • Gaining knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to be successful in the world of work
  • Learning behaviour standards in the workplace

The primary goal of Work Experience is to help students prepare for the transition from secondary school to the world of work. Through work experience, students have the opportunity to observe and practice generic employability skills required in the workplace. Students can earn up to 8 credits towards their Grade 12 graduation or 4 credits towards the completion of an Adult Dogwood.

Work Experience Program Highlights:

The SCIDES Work Experience program is divided into two separate courses, Work Experience 12A and 12B.  Each course requires students to complete between 90 and 120 hours of practical work experience. In addition, students are required to complete up to 30 hours of related course work.


4. Post Secondary Transition Programs

Post-secondary transition programs are educational programs that combine secondary and post-secondary courses, and that lead to Grade 12 graduation as well as help students make smooth transitions to further education or training. The Ministry of Education recognizes post-secondary courses for funding purposes if they are part of the school-age students' planned programs of study leading to graduation.

Rationale or purpose of policy

Secondary schools are not always able to offer the full range of courses or programs that help prepare students for specific occupations. For this reason, the Ministry of Education encourages school districts to improve transition success for students by collaborating with post-secondary institutions and industry associations to offer transition programs that lead to trades certification or post-secondary credentials.

SD58 and SCIDES have three partnerships thus far: Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (NVIT), Thompson Rivers University (TRU), and Okanagan College (OC).

Some more details

These are College level courses that allow students in grades 11 and 12 to gain TUITION-FREE *credits towards high school graduation and college simultaneously. Students who successfully complete one or two Dual Credit course(s) will be credited with courses that can be used as electives towards their secondary school Dogwood credential and will be given formal post-secondary standing with TRU, NVIT or OC.


With the Post-secondary transition programs, students are able to complete post-secondary online and distance courses from home. The courses offered through the TRU, NVIT or OC programs have continuous registration, which means students may register at any time throughout the year (though students will still need to adhere to any application dates and deadlines outlined by the School District.) These courses are also non-paced, which provides students with a maximum time frame of 30 weeks to complete their course, including all course requirements.

School District 58 will sponsor the cost of the course tuition for those students approved for the TRU, NVIT or OC programs through Open Learning, Students will be required to cover the remaining courses costs. These include the required course materials, shipping and handling and the Non-refundable administration and technology fees.

Who is Eligible to Participate?

  • Students who are school age (16-18 years of age as of July 1st of the current school year) and enrolled in SD58.
  • Graduated school age students (18 years of age or younger as of July 1st) are also eligible to participate. Students register through the Continuing Education Centre prior to Grade 12 Graduation.

An example of HOW to APPLY for TRU start:

1. Print off and fill out the TRU Start BC application form (see below). Contact SCIDES to make an appointment with an advisor. Meet with your SCIDES advisor early in the school year.

2. Ensure that you have completed the prerequisites before the program starts (A complete list of courses available for the TRU Start BC program, and their prerequisites, can be found in the document below).

3. Design your timetable to accommodate the Dual Credit program

  • Each course must be completed within 30 weeks of registration
  • Expect a study schedule of 12-15 hours per week
  • Can choose up to 2 courses in total (only can take 1 per semester)

4. Sign the Letter of Understanding and have your parent or guardian sign

5. If the District approves a student for this program, they send TRU a sponsorship letter (on district letterhead) outlining that they will be covering the cost of the tuition portion of the course, the student wants to take. From here the TRU Finance Department will invoice the student. The student brings the invoice to SCIDES, for payment. This payment can be made by cheque and mailed to our Finance Department. 

TRU Start BC Dual Credit Guide 

TRU Start BC Application